Therapeutic Body & Bump Maternity Pillow

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  • The pillow can also be used to create a comfortable position when sitting up and while nursing your baby, when your little one arrives.
  • Made from 100% Cotton: As part of our journey to Climate Positive, we are choosing sustainable fabrics such as cotton, which is renewable and fully biodegradable to use in our products.
  • With a 100% cotton breathable machine washable cover and filled with premium spiral hollow fibre, it ensures you are fully supported.
  • Suitable for all body sizes and shapes.

Therapeutic Full Body & Bump Maternity Pillow

Finding a comfortable position to sleep while pregnant can be a struggle, but having the right pillow can help. Our ergonomically designed Therapeutic Body & Bump Maternity Pillow is a full body support pillow, perfect for critical areas such as head, neck, back, bump, pelvis neck and knees.

Therapeutic Full Body & Bump Maternity Pillow is:

Ideal for pregnancy, this maternity pillow follows the natural curve of your body it helps to combat fatigue, improve blood circulation, encourage relaxation, and reduce the distress of reflux and discomfort caused by SPD.

During the day or at night, it helps alleviate the symptoms of SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction). By sleeping on your side, legs bent, with our pillow simply placed between your knees, it helps keep your spine in a neutral and stable position. This position is also recommended as best for baby.  By the 3rd trimester, sleeping this way reduces the risk of complications compared to sleeping on their back.


Therapeutic Full Body & Bump Maternity Pillow size: 135cm x 65cm x15cm.