Moses Basket, Crib, & Pram Pillow Case - 100% Natural Cotton

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ClevaFoam Moses Basket, Crib & Pram Baby Pillowcase 

Beautifully designed 100% cotton Baby Pillow Case made to perfectly fit your ClevaFoam® Moses Basket, Crib & Pram Baby Pillow, combining comfort and support for your baby to ensure a peaceful and restful night's sleep. Ultra-soft, fresh cotton case, breathable, made with 180 thread count for a smoother finish that is gentle on your baby's soft and delicate skin.

Our pillow cases have been designed in the style of a double side envelope, so they are easy to put on and available in different colours, grey, light blue and pink coral, suitable for any season, to keep your baby’s cot or crib tidy and elegant. Machine washable and tumble dryer safe to help keep the pillow clean and fresh.

Pram Baby Pillowcase is:

  • Made to perfectly fit your ClevaFoam® Pram Baby Pillow.
  • Sustainable Fabric: As part of our journey to Climate Positive, we are choosing sustainable fabrics such as cotton, which is renewable and fully biodegradable to use in our products.
  • Available in 3 different colours: Baby Pillow pillowcase have a double side envelope with an original and cute pattern, blue clouds, pink coral clouds, white/grey chevron, which will brighten up any nursery.
  • 100% Natural Cotton: Delicate on the skin of your baby, ultra - soft, fresh cotton case, breathable, made with 180 thread count for a smoother finish.
  • Easy to clean: Our cotton case is machine washable and tumble dryer safe.

ClevaFoam® Baby Pram pillow case size 22 x 31 cm

ClevaFoam® Pram Pillow

Nothing is more precious than your baby. Our supportive and breathable ClevaFoam® Moses Basket & Pram Baby Pillow, has been designed to protect and support your baby's soft round head and neck while sleeping on thier back as medically recommended.

ClevaFoam® Support

Soft, supporting ClevaFoam® technology helps to protect the round shape of your baby's head.

Hypoallergenic and toxin free

Hypo-allergenic, pH balanced & toxin free, suitable for babies with asthma & allergies.


Breathable, lightweight with reduced heat retention.

ClevaFoam® Technology

ClevaFoam® is the ONLY foam scientifically proven to reduce pressure on your baby’s head by 50%, increase support by 80% and aid in the prevention of Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome).

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