Oven Door Lock (Old Packaging Style)

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Oven Door Lock Tamper Proof

Our Oven Door Lock is a must have safety item for your kitchen. The curious mind and hands of a toddler can sometimes out manoeuvre even the most vigilant parent.

This child proof and heat resistant lock is perfect to keep little hands from opening hot ovens. The Oven lock will fix to your oven securely in seconds.

Oven Lock

  • Prevents children from opening oven door
  • Tamper-proof, heat resistant lock
  • Easy to use, fixes easily & secures in seconds.
  • Suitable for under counter ovens.

ClevaMama Oven Door Lock is an essential accessory for baby proofing.


How to fix:

1. Locate the most suitable fixed panel of your oven for the lock to be positioned.
2. Peel backing from adhesive and press firmly into position to secure.
3. Leave Oven Lock in the unlocked position on a cold oven for 48 hours for the adhesive to set.

How to use:
1. To Unlock: Press down on the top of the ribbed button marked A and turn the lever marked B clockwise until it has cleared your oven door, position D.
2. To Lock: Turn the lever marked B anti-clockwise until you hear a click and the lock is secured back into place, position C.