Baby Formula ClevaScoop® Multi Scoop Set

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  • Infant formula scoop to prepares accurate feed for your baby. No more miscounting scoops
  • Reduces air bubbles & clogging of formula
  • Tested with leading brands of baby formula
  • Product comes with measuring scoops which adjust depending on your babies needs

ClevaScoop - Baby Formula Multi-Scoop

Laboratory tested and proven, the ClevaScoop® prepares the most accurate feed for your baby, saving you time, money and most of all, patience! Reduce the health risks associated with over or underfeeding your baby by using the ClevaScoop®.

One easy scoop action is all it takes to prepare your baby's bottle the right way every time. The patented BPA-free ClevaScoop® was developed in collaboration with the world's leading infant formula research lab and is proven to be more accurate when tested against all other formula scoops.

    Why is ClevaScoop® more accurate?

    1. Eliminates miscounting of scoops
    2. Reduces compacting and partially air-filled scoops
    3. No more clogging from steam

    ClevaScoop® Includes:

    1 x ClevaScoop Handle 1 x Large Cup 1 x Small Cup 1 x Funnel 1 x Instruction Manual

    Baby Formula ClevaScoop® one easy scoop to prepare your baby's formula!

    The ClevaScoop has been tested and proven compatible with all leading formulas that come with a 9cc/ml scoop.

    ClevaMama® and our ClevaScoop® are not associated and have no affiliation with and are not endorsed by any infant formula brand or manufacturers listed in our compatibility test, including SMA, Cow and Gate, Milupa Aptamil, Aptamil, and Hipp Organic. 

    The Kendamil brand of infant formula is not compatible.   

    The ClevaScoop® was independently developed and tested by a world-leading testing, inspection and certification company.  

    to facilitate sample preparation for validation and clinical evaluations of infant formula.

    Here it was tested with the leading brands of infant formula and it was proven to make the most accurate fed for your baby. NSAI, National Safety Authority Ireland (which is the equivalent to the Food Standards Agency in the UK) have conducted a calibration test to verify the volume at each stage of the ClevaScoop and they have certified it accordingly.

    Why do 5 scoops using the manufacturer scoop sometimes not fit into stage 5 scoop of the ClevaScoop?

    This is not an accurate test for the ClevaScoopÆ. This action would simulate sieving flour and then trying to fit it back into its original packaging. Scooping one by one is adding air to the formula, hence increasing the volume of the formula. The scoop has undergone many tests in this area and is proven to be a more accurate way to prepare your baby's feed in the home.

    Is the materials used in making the scoop safe to use with my infant formula?

    All the materials used are tested and are food safe and comply with EU, BS, FDA and Internationals Food Safety Standards. They are also BPA free.

    Is the ClevaScoop suitable to use with every formual brand?

    90% of leading brands have a 9cc scoop and ClevaScoopÆ is compatible with all formulas that use a 9cc scoop.

    How have you created an universal scoop? What grams did you allow for per scoop?

    Our ClevaScoopÆ has been designed and tested according to the volume or cubic capacity it can hold. Formula in all instances is dispensed in volume rather than weight and therefore our 9cc scoop is compatible with all formulas that are dispensed in this volume. 9cc = 9ml should you wish to verify the size of the scoop that comes with your formula.