ClevaCushion™ Nursing Pillow & Baby Nest

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  • Support cushion for use during pregnancy
  • Nursing pillow for comfortable feeding
  • Adjustable waist strap for safety
  • Baby nest seat
  • Tummy time support
  • Multi-use Head & Body Support
  • Advanced ClevaFoam technology
  • Hypo-allergenic, pH balanced, and toxin-free

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ClevaCushion™ Nursing Pillow & Baby Nest

Our ClevaCushion™ versatile nursing pillow & baby nest is the ultimate in comfort, support and versatility for you and your baby, and with 10 different uses it is ideal for use from pregnancy right up until toddler stage. 

ClevaCushion™ Nursing Pillow & Baby Nest support can be used as a:

  • Support cushion - During pregnancy it can be used to give you that back support you need, particularly in later pregnancy when finding a comfortable position is challenging. Our nursing pillow can be placed behind your back when sitting up or sleeping to help you to get a comfortable rest. 
  • Nursing pillow - a mix of ClevaFoam and reflex foam, lifts your baby up securely, which reduces the load on your shoulders, arms and backs. A supportive pillow for you and your baby that can be used from the first feeding until you are ready to move on – and all the cosy moments in between. The nursing pillow is secure, smart and flexible, it fastens around your waist with an adjustable strap. This helps you find a comfortable feeding position, safe in the knowledge that you and your baby are supported and secure.
  • Baby nest seat - our universal seat cushion, made with ClevaFoam, allows you to transform the nursing pillow into a luxurious baby seat.  Using the harness, your baby is safely cocooned and gently elevated to sit up in their own little seat where they can see what is going on around them
  • Our universal seat cushion can be used as a full head and body support for your baby 
    • when in their stroller/ buggy, pram and car seat when out and about
    • for securing them from slipping when resting or playing in their bouncer
    • and is a great way to stop your baby slipping and sliding in their highchair at meal time
  • Tummy Time support - The nursing pillow can be used for support during baby's important tummy time.  They can rest their upper body on the pillow for added support, plus it has handy little hoops for you to attach your baby's favourite toys
  • Portable bolster seat - when baby is learning to sit up by themselves, you can put your baby in the main part of the nursing pillow, (remove the harness and seat cushion) and your baby is supported from leaning back or to their left or right.