Sound to Sleep - The Portable Sleep Aid

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  • Soothing portable sleep aid with soft starlight projector
  • 5 sound options white noise, gentle Reiki & nature sounds to invite sleep
  • Cry Sensor activates when baby cries to soothe to sleep
  • Easily snaps onto pram, stroller, car seat, travel cot & changing bag for when out and about
  • USB rechargeable & comes with handy strap
  • Suitable from birth

ClevaMama® Sound to Sleep

Lull your baby to sleep with natural sounds and gentle light projector with the ClevaMama® Sound to Sleep. Developed specially for babies, this easy to use and portable sleep aid helps to mask noise that might disturb your little one’s sleep, when whether you are at home or out an about.

GOES ANYWHERE...Great for use in the car, attached to your pram, buggy or stroller as well as travel cot, Moses basket and cot. It is so light you can bring it on holidays!

Soothing sleep aid: With soothing sounds to promote a deeper sleep for your baby. Choose from 5 sound options:

  • 2x Nature (Countryside & Waves)
  • 2 x Reiki (Calming & Sleeping)
  • White Noise

Reiki sounds: Create a calming atmosphere that aids deep sleep, which helps your little one to grow and develop. Reiki sound therapy promotes deep sleep, which helps your little one to grow and develop. Nature sounds helps your baby to feel calm and relaxed, while white noise helps to mask sounds that might disturb your little one’s slumber.

Cry Sensor activation: Sound to Sleep is equipped with a smart Cry Sensor. This intelligent noise sensor activates when baby cries to help ease them back to sleep and encourages self-soothing.

Soft Starlight Projector: Sound to Sleep projects gentle starlight in a range of relaxing colours which help stimulate the sleep hormone, melatonin, and soothes your little one as they drift off.

Portable & lightweight:  Pop it in your changing bag when on the move. The carry strap has a snap fastener so you can secure it to your baby’s cot, buggy, Moses basket or travel cot.

Timer & Volume: Set the timer (15, 30, or 60 mins) for automatic shut-off tailored to your baby's settling time. Adjustable volume gives you control over the ambience.

Charger: Complete with a USB charging lead compatible with most USB points & plugs, so it’s sustainable and more cost-effective than batteries.  For on the go use, you can even charge it in your car!

Listen to Sound to Sleep sounds


Calming reiki

Sleeping reiki

White noise

Lull your baby to sleep

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Soothing sleep aid

With 5 sound options & adjustable volume

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Cry Sensor

Smart sensor activates to soothe back to sleep

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Soft starlight projector

Calming colours stimulates melatonin and invites sleep