Nite Nite Light & Reiki Sound Machine

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  • A soothing Night Light with calming Sounds
  • Use from newborn night feeds to bedside light for your baby as they grow
  • 8 relaxing colours to invite sleep
  • 10 calming natural & Reiki sounds
  • Cry Sensor activates when baby cries to soothe to sleep
  • Suitable from birth
  • USB rechargeable & comes with handy strap

Nite Nite Light & Sound Machine

Lull your baby to sleep with the ClevaMama 2 in 1 Nite Nite Light & Sound Machine. This soothing device combines calming light with natural and Reiki sound therapy to create an ambient atmosphere which invites sleep. It helps to mask disruptive noises, helping your baby to sleep well and learn to self-soothe.

The Night Light

  • Provides a comforting ambient light for night feeds and a soothing nightlight for your growing baby.
  • Warm anti-blue ambient LED light helps to simulate the sleep hormone, melatonin, and soothe your little one as they drift off.
  • Easy to operate music settings and adjustable volume buttons
  • Easy press light function to switch on / off, to scroll and select colour
  • Carry strap lets you or your child carry it from room to room. Ideal when older for bathroom trips.

The Sound Machine

The Nite Nite Light Sound Machine uses Reiki sound therapy and pink/white noise to create a calming atmosphere.  Reiki sound promotes deep sleep for growth and development, while natural sounds and pink noise relax your baby.

  • White noise masks disturbances, and calming sounds lull them to sleep.
  • Pink noise designed to mimic the sounds a baby hears in the womb.
  • Reiki sound therapy aids deep rest, nervous system balance, and emotional release.

Choose from:

  • 2 x soundscape/nature sounds
  • 2 x Calming (Reiki)
  • 2 x Sleeping (Reiki)
  • 2 x Healing (Reiki)
  • 1 x pink noise
  • 1 x white noise

The Cry Sensor: The Nite Nite Light includes a ‘must have’ Cry Sensor for soothing nighttime wakeups. This smart sensor activates when baby cries, promoting self-soothing and sleep.

The Timer: Set the timer (15, 30, or 60 mins) for automatic shut-off tailored to your baby's settling time. Adjustable volume gives you control over the ambiance.

The Carry Strap: The night light is portable and lightweight, with a strap for easy carrying or securing to cribs, baskets, and cots. It can also be used freestanding. Perfect for guiding your toddler’s bathroom trips.

The Charger: Complete with a USB charging lead compatible with most USB points & plugs, so it’s sustainable and more cost-effective than batteries.

Lull your baby to sleep

Nite nite light flashing diferent colours

8 calming colours

Helps to soothe and to relax baby

Soothing sleep aid

With 10 sound options & adjustable volume

Cry sensor

Smart sensor activates to soothe back to sleep

Listen to Nite Nite Light sounds


Calming reiki

Sleeping Reiki

Healing Reiki

Pink Noise